boo boo boooooo!

here are our little trick-or-treaters this year:
Please tell me you know who this is.
(Poor Sheena had no idea! She's gotta get with it!)
Hint 1:
He was delivered in a basket as an infant to his uncles house. Dudley is his spoiled cousins name.
Hint 2:
He was 'the boy who lived' after encountering 'He who should not be named' Hint 3:
that is a scar, not an 'N'
For those who are too slow for my patience...he's Baby Harry Potter!
(ah ah ahhhhhhhhhh!) his new spooky laugh, and I don't know where he got it!
Of course, you can probably guess what he is...he's a cute pirate!Check out that awesome belt! arrgh arrrrrrgh!
Until last night she was going to be Cinderella (and who knows, that might change tonight once we're ready to walk out the door).
She's Cade's little sidekick.
"I'm a Pirate Princess!"Look at how the pretty (ugly) dress twirls!aarrrrrrgh!


Julianne said...

Love the costumes - those kids are very cute.
Frances was going to be Cinderella too until Amelia said she didn't want them both to be. So Frances got a different costume. Then while we were all getting ready Amelia changed her mind and said it might be fun for them to be the same, but it was too late.

Rachael or Brandon said...

I'm amazed you made the pirate costumes. I love them! Great job! Love baby Harry Potter too! -Rach

The Baldwins said...

What a good idea to do the Harry Potter baby costume! Your kids are adorable.

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