miss personality

Kaylee seems to pull different faces and shows us all the infinite sides of her. Some we'd rather not see but most are so fun and adorable. It's cute to see her take care of Buddy when he gets hurt or is sad. She'll be a great mommy someday. She will also have humor in her life. I can see her brightening up anyones day. At school the teachers are all amazed at how well she has fit in and how spunky and giggly she is. She's a character!
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The Baldwins said...

Hey, Shannon! I just wanted to tell you that Kaylee's hair is so cute. I love it. My girls have crazy hair. I don't think it could look that well-groomed no matter what I did. Your kids are adorable. Thanks for sharing your blog with me! (By the way, this is Katherine, your old roomate, just in case you can't remember my married name. It's hard to keep them straight!)

Sheena said...

Yes, she is BY FAR the funniest little girl! She makes you laugh instantly. It was so funny when we went over there for Buddy's birthday and she opens the door and in her high pitched voice and super excited says, "HI LOGAN!! COME IN COME IN...HEY EDEN LOGANS HERE!!" then she escorts him in, she is soooo stinking cute! That is so awesome that she is doing so good in school! And we weren't there on Sunday because we went to my parents ward to see my bro :-)

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