we have a fish!?

Tonight I made a MAD salmon marinade. David is in love with the marinade. I was glad I picked a good tasting one that he would like.

I wanted to see if the kids would eat the salmon, but no luck. Cade's few bits of 'precious' salmon were thrown on the floor (thus some time-out's for him) and finally I was able to get kaylee to try her's. I said "Kaylee, eat your fish please" while pointing to it. She looked at it and said "fish?" I saw her pick it up and then got distracted with something else.

Later I looked over and saw her hand in her cup of water. She was putting corn in it...not a big surprise since she will sometimes play in her cup of water. I asked her what she was doing...and expecting a sorry or a blank stare she said she was feeding the fish! I looked in her cup and there was a small piece of salmon on the bottom of the cup with corn floating around. When I asked her to eat her fish and she didn't like it, she just decided to let it swim around in her water and feed it some food.

That was quite a cute moment. She was serious about her fish and giving it some food.

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