feb 25

Kaylee was the first Williams kiddo to wake up today. She enjoyed sleeping with Jaley. I headed downstairs after she went down. She found the granola bars. Not the best breakfast. I convinced her to hand over the uneaten/unopened ones and to help me make pancakes. "I'm so sad"...but became "berry happy" when I mentioned pancakes. Kaylee had 6; Cade had 8.It started out chilly this morning. We turned on the fireplace. By 10:00 I put the jackets on the kids (Conner was sleeping; I'm not ready to take him out when it is just warming up with his raspy voice) and we headed out. Cade and Kendall were happy to see their balls again.They had a lot of fun on the swing set. Cade helped me check out the hot tub. He was excited to hear that they would go in it after Uncle John came home from work.I started "ogre cheese" for lunch and just as the water started to boil (it only takes 1 1/2 minutes with the induction cooktop), the electricity went out. Argh. I grilled Chicken Nuggets on the gas grill outside and we made PB and J out of the leftover pancakes. Cade didn't like the idea of peanut butter and jelly on the pancakes but I convinced him to try them. He smiled after the first bite. I just love that cute little smile with his squinty eyes. Kaylee didn't want anything to do with the pancake sandwich (it is a treat to have those in Elementary School...the kids think it is cool...so Kerst says).The electricty was out for about an hour. Thankfully it was warm out and I didn't need to worry about heat and the house. I had warm water for Conner's bottle on the stove and a backup in the bathroom (I have a thermos I put hot water in at night for his middle of the night feedings so I don't have to run the water forever to heat it up or run downstairs to the microwave).The boys napped. Cade started to explore the room during naptime (books and toys; Kendall doesn't climb out of the crib) so he now sleeps on the top bunk during nap time. He is starting to get used to the idea that it is going to be that way. We have also been working on not kicking while getting his diaper changed. I told him that it hurts others and that I don't want him to do that to his mommy when she comes out. She has an owie and we don't want to hurt her more. Today was a better day for not kicking. I think I will attempt some potty training soon...Kendall actually went bubbles in the potty before going in the hot tub tonight. He was proud of himself. May as well try to do both boys. Cara, can you come out?While the boys napped I posted photos for Shannon. My kitchen can wait. I find that if I don't get certain things done the night before that I get even further behind. For example, the kitchen. I like to go to bed with it clean. Last night Jenna had a head incident in her bathroom with the cabinet door. Lots of blood. I'm glad she didn't faint; she is queezy around blood. We got the bleeding under control and Jenna and Jaley calmed down. By then it was late and the kitchen had to wait. I didn't get the kitchen cleaned until even later...oh well. Conner is officially (in my eyes) sitting up. I caught it on video for Shannon today. He has been wobbly and has been practicing on our laps and in my bathroom sink. He finally counteracted his wobbliness today! He is so sweet. He still loves to be held, but really enjoys sitting up.Kaylee forgot my name again today. Whenever she can't remember my name she calls me "Your Highness"....I call her "Your Majesty" (sometimes it is the other way around). She is pretty silly. She was excited to sleep in Jaley's bed tonight. She climbed right in and told me good night.Cade and Kaylee read books to their parents tonight. I got some cute pictures.Not much going on today. Pretty much the same routine. Life will pick up here soon with the musical just around the corner. I need to go in and take pictures. We shall see how that goes.I think Conner has Kelly's raspy voice.The kids had fun in the hot tub with John tonight. I had them hop in there before dinner. They didn't care for the veggies again tonight (I am a veggie person at night; fruits during breakfast and lunch...I need to add some fruit variety in dinner for them). They seemed to like the chicken (sweet and sour) and the chicken rice (rice-a-roni style). They still ate like birds, but at least ate some.They are all snoozing...so sweet. I'm headed up too...soon to be up in an hour or so with Conner...

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