feb 26

Sorry so late... beast of a day yesterday (with schedules).Cade up first. Starving. 6 pieces of French Toast and wanted more. I was out with that batch. He ate a banana to top himself off. no surprise! He was ready for more food about an hour later when Kerst and Kendall were up and moving.Conner has a cough. Not bad. Drainage. I gave him some infant cough and cold medicine and it really helped. He hung around with me in the sling. When his hands weren't handy, he would suck on my arm. He also likes to rest his mouth on the edge of the sling too.Kaylee still calls me "Your Highness"...The kids played outside again. It was beautiful. Today (now the 27th) is cold. It is supposed to snow. The hot tub has a leak. John is tired of dealing with it and wants to get rid of it.Now the beast of the scheduling ... Musical practice for Julia after school until 8:00 pm.. Kerst and Jaley too since they are in the opening and closing scene. It was a dress rehearsal. The girl playing Amneris went home sick so Julia got to fill in! I stayed and took photos. She was amazing! She even knew most of the lines. Her choir teacher was amazed too (and I am wondering if she is wishing she had Julia in there instead; Julia has more of the "princess" look than the other girl. Madey, the lead, is a great singer, it seems that Julia fills the role better). Jenna and Jaley had a concert last night. John wasn't home so I loaded everyone in the car and took Jenna and Jaley to their concert. I headed back home, dropped the kids off, picked up dinner for Julia, dropped dinner off to Julia, went to the concert, went to the musical practice for more pictures and then made it home around 8:30. I was tired so no journaling last night.John handled the bedtime routine. I hope everyone survived! I usually do that routine. They were all asleep when I got home.Oh, and Cade had a 3 1/2 hour nap yesterday. Kendall went on the potty a couple of times. Cade didn't make it on it as he had already filled the diaper. Tomorrow (today) is another day. I'll have pancakes for you Cara!Oh, I changed Kaylee's eye appointment to next Friday while John is home. I don't want to haul all of the kids there for a 2 hour appointment...or try and find someone to watch them.

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