feb 27

I wrote this already...but then someone logged off and I lost it all...hopefully I remember everything.Cade was up first again. He ate all of the pancakes John made during the first course eaters. He had more once Kendall and Kerst were ready to eat. Non stop eating for that kiddo in the morning. He also loves yogurt. He LOVES anything having to do with putting stuff into his mouth that tastes good. I ran out today...Conner has been snuggly. His eyes brighten up whenever someone walks by. so sweet! give him a kiss for me and an extra squeeze! He enjoys being on the floor with toys, but not for too long. He will last 20 minutes, sometimes more. He has been getting around. He seems to enjoy being under our side tables next to our living room chairs.Kaylee had her first snow this afternoon. She called and talked to her mom about it. I really enjoy those calls. I'm glad she was able to see her own snow. Kendall and Kaylee went out and played in it for awhile. It didn't stick. She came in "so sad" because it stopped snowing. (Cade was taking a nap). They enjoyed being together...cute little playmates. They came in and warmed up near the fireplace. I didn't think it was that cold, but the still like the fireplace. Kendall fell asleep on the floor. Kaylee likes to lie down on the arm of the chair and veg while watching some kind of educational show on Qubo (something like that; it is a new digital tv television station. We are getting used to these new channels...).A certain little friend of mine decided to help me with the laundry and somehow dumped an entire container of fabric softener in the dryer (no clothes) - the container must have fallen off of the washer during the fast spin cycle while I was doing my Sanitation Load with my white washcloths. The next load of laundry that was washed was SUPER soft and smelled great because I mopped up the softener with those clothes. I have such great help! whoops! very nice little helper.I headed off to the HS to help with the musical around 4:30. I took over 1300 photos tonight. It is going to be a great show! More practice tomorrow. I will proabably take Conner with me and sling him over my shoulder while I take photos. I hope you get that shot! I will see how it goes.Kiddos are all in bed (except Conner; he is watching a movie with Jaley and Jenna).

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