feb 28

Up and at 'em at 6:20. Cade ate 8 pancakes and 3 pieces of French Toast. He is a huge eater for breakfast. Kendall out eats him for dinner. John and I crack up when it comes to dinner. Last night we had stir fry. Kendall ate his dinner, seconds AND Cade's dinner. You'd never know looking at Kendall that he can eat that much food!I headed out with Julia, Jaley and Kerst for the musical rehearsal. I am in charge of photos. Jaley and Kerst are also in the muscial in the opening and closing scene. We also added them to 2 other scenes today. The musical is really coming together.I also took Conner along with me. He was a HIT. EVERYONE fell in love with him. I usually had him attached to my side or my back while taking pictures. Someone took a picture of me with him peeking behind my back at the stage. I didn't see the photo; I hope to get a copy. We shall see. We were there from 10:00 until 6:00 today. I got home and the house was still standing.

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