march 1

Tons of pancakes. In fact, that is the first thing out of Kaylee's mouth in the morning. "Pancakes Please." I have started giving them 4 on their plate at a time (5 inches in diameter approx). Fast Sunday...thankfully my older kids slept in and missed the breakfast smell.
They had fun dancing with Kerst again. He is a good pal with them.
"Everybody's Conner" (or as Kendall says, All-body's Conner) has a cough (not chronic) that sounds like he is moving phlem. I wonder if Kelly went through that stage with her cold. I can tell he's not feeling the best because he didn't eat nearly as much as he has. He still is having wet diapers and messy ones. I'm not worried. No fever either. Just a cold. Clear runny nose when it runs. There is a doctor in our ward that said he would peek in his ears to check the tubes...now to just find the time and get over there when he is home (he is a doctor with a busy schedule).
I tried putting Cade and Kendall down for a nap at 11:00. It didn't work.
Sacrament Meeting - I think they are going to ban us ;o) We lasted through the announcements. It is hard when they don't have naps. I took Cade out and we sat together in the overflow. Our ward isn't huge so we don't use the overflow. I turned on the speakers. When he got up I held him in my lap. "I'm sorry" he would say. We finally went back in and passed John as he was taking out Kendall. Cade was quiet for a bit and then "escaped" into the isle and started walking forward about 3 rows while glancing back with the mischevious twinkle in his eye. I know him. If I take off after him, he will make a run for it - laughing. So I gave him "the eye" (Kaylee's glare). Didn't work. Something distracted him and he looked forward (his back completely towards me). I stood up quickly and scooped him up. I turned around and headed toward the door with Kaylee close on my heals. Cade grabbed a handful of Kaylee's hair; at least she didn't let out a loud scream (in the chapel). I took both of them to the van and buckled Cade in Kendall's seat. We waited there until the meeting was over.
I've made the mistake a few times of taking all three kids to church when David was out of town. Each time Cade got away from me that exact same way. He would run off TOWARDS the bishopric and take a left, the LONG way around the congregation. He would almost circle me and I'd have a friend step in. I'd hand off Conner as she'd give me Cade. We'd be on timeout for quite a while, making it ever more uncomforatble for him. After coming back, my friend wouldn't only have Conner sitting with her, but also Kaylee. I sure hope this running away during church thing doesn't happen much longer.
We came home and it was GORGEOUS outside. Kerst went outside with the little guys while I finished making dinner. We had roast, potatoes, carrots (in the crockpot), gravy and homemade biscuits. We tried to have Cade and Kaylee eat it. They wouldn't even try. We thought they were crazy! I made extra because it was Fast Sunday and I knew my kids would gobble it down. We ended up pulling out some tube steaks for Cade and Kaylee. They like the finer things in life ;o) yes, the finer things in life.
They were very tired. I put them to bed at 6:00...(sorry no phone call last night guys...Sundays are hard on them).


Manic Mom said...

I just found your blog tonight. Your kids are too cute. We have pancakes every Sat. When My Mahala was little she would call them pank-panks. Luv your Blog.

Robyn said...

Wow, what a sister you have. Your kids are so sweet and sound like they are in great hands. How great of her to keep a journal for you.

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