feb 23

The kids didn't show up downstairs for breakfast (begging for pancakes...they are so cute) until 7:19! That is a record! Maybe our crazy day yesterday wiped them out. They requested pancakes and swimming. They were sad when I told them that they had to wait for Uncle John to put more "medicine" (chlorine) in the water (That requires a trip to the store).IT IS GORGEOUS OUTSIDE! 65! The kids played outside almost the entire morning. I went out several times and got a slight sunburn. I checked the kids and they were fine (I think I am super sensitive to the sun after winter).Cade had a diaper incident in the backyard. This resulted in a load of laundry and him being sad that he couldn't go outside for the moment. I got some great pictures of him looking on at Kendall and Kaylee playing. (Sorry Cade...he survived the waiting for clean clothes and heading back out to play).We played catch for about an hour in the backyard. Conner woke up and joined us. I have decided to hire him to dethatch my lawn!The kids ate lunch on the picnic table in the back. It was fun to watch them interact.With all of the craziness of the morning (Kendall had a diaper incident when he woke up...creating more laundry), I didn't get ready for the day until the boys were down for naps. Conner kept me company in my sink as I got ready for the rest of the day. I think I need to take Shannon's advice and shower at night.Cade slept 4 hours! He must have been wiped out from having no nap on Sunday. Kendall has rough Mondays after no-nap Sundays. Thankfully Kendall got his nap in yesterday! I need to figure out how to get Cade to rest on Sunday before church. Poor kid.I took Kaylee to the High School after Jenna and Jaley came home to bring Julia her salad and drop off some costumes (the boys were still sleeping). She enjoyed watching the rehearsal. She loved the singing.I made homemade Mac-n-Cheese (Ogre Cheese in the words of Kaylee) for dinner. Cade had 3 plates! I was shocked! Kaylee and Cade eat the right way. Huge breakfast, medium lunch and super small dinners.The kiddos are tucked in bed. Kaylee is snuggling Jaley right now. I'll have to grab a picture.I chatted with Shannon on the phone. She had a rough trip to the Wound Clinic which resulted in the Home Health Nurse to come visit and change her dressing. She is hanging in there! I CAN'T wait for her to come play with us. Get Better Soon BOW!

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