feb 21

Bagged Dance. Julia had Aida practice...Jaley and Kerst are in the opening and closing scenes so I took them for a couple of hours. Kaylee had fun playing with doll houses. Kerst and Cade played (and shared!) with some balls...throwing them to each other (not at each other). It was really cute.It was a beautiful day - maybe 60's. The snow melted. Kaylee was sad. She and Cade went out to play in the backyard after Cade's nap when the grass and pathway had dried up.John prepped the hot tub. They all hopped in while I worked on dinner. Kaylee and Cade didn't want to get out. They were nice and warm as I carried them up the steps. It had cooled off quite a bit once the sun went down.Conner is "creeping" a little; he pushes his little body forward with his feet to reach the object he has in sight. He likes to have his little bum patted while he falls asleep. He was a little hoarse this morning...most likely due to drainage. Slight runny nose. Keeping him in the house (no hot tub for that kiddo...) and dressed warm. Yeast rash on his bum. It is doing much better with the Lotramin AF (athelete's foot cream). He's a cutie. "My Conner" is a favorite territorial war cry. We now say "Everybody's Conner" (Reminds me of the story of Dad saying All-body's Boy when he was a little tike).Kaylee is finally remembering my name. She only asked once this morning "What's your name again?" Most of last week she called me Shannon.

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