feb 20

Up and at 'em early. Kerst too! It is so fun to see him with the cousins. Once again, another air hockey tourney (no photos of that).

The kids enjoyed being outside today; it was beautiful until the afternoon when the wind picked up.

Conner took a 3 1/2 hour nap!!! Poor baby has been cat napping the last couple of days.

I picked up a Johnny Jump up and he jumped himself tired I guess.

Cade took a late nap. He fought taking one and ended up on the top bunk. I will do that as a warning and then move him down. This time he pushed his limit (sorry Shannon) and ended up on the top for his nap...I don't put Kendall down for his nap until Cade is asleep. I thought about switching and putting Kendall down first, but Kendall goes down quietly whereas Cade is a bit more boisterous with his feelings about naps (and he needs them!).

While waiting for Cade to fall asleep, Kaylee and Kendall played house and had a ball. Kendall ended up falling asleep next to Kaylee (still awake at the time) on a chair while playing house. So cute.

Kaylee was super tired tonight. She missed her mommy and daddy. After talking to them, we headed upstairs and played king/queen and then said prayers and tucked her into bed. She was out.Since Cade had a late nap, he was up a little later. He saw his first snow! I got some pictures of that. It was so cute. I called Shannon and David. David answered and Cade told him about the snow. David was asking him about it and Cade said, "See" and held the phone out the door for his daddy to see. It was super cute.All are in bed. Sleeping angels recharging for tomorrow.

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