feb 19

Up at 6:00...with Kerst and Kendall. I am glad Kerst got up because he had about 3 hours to play with the cousins before school. Kendall, I wouldn't mind if he slept another 2 1/2 hours...he needs it.

Pancakes for breakfast again. I was going to cook something different, but the kids insisted.

Cade and Kaylee eat fairly large breakfasts but their lunches and dinners are not as heartily eaten. Maybe its my cooking ;o)

Kerst headed downstairs with the kids and had an air hockey tournament. They had a blast.Played. Time out (mostly Kendall...but getting better).Kids napped. I finished up some Aida costumes.Kaylee said she was tired several times and attempted to nap; didn't work.
Played some more with the kids when they came home from school. They love to chase Jenna around.Dinner. I had to drive to swim team tonight. John put the kids in bed.
All are asleep...I'm ready to hit the sack too.

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