7 years and he scratches every itch!

Sunday was our Anniversary. 7 happy years. It wasn't too spatacular of a day. David has hurt his back so I went to church with the kids while he iced his back and rested. I gave the lesson in primary as well as sharing time. They both went very well too.
The night before our anniversary I came home with two blizzards and put some candles in them. David LOVES blizzards with extra snickers. It was just another excuse to have a great yummy treat. Blizzards are a vital part of my dad's diet. He'd be happy to hear how we celebrated our 7 year itch.
Hopefully next year we will be up and about and enjoy the day a bit more. But I'm still glad I was able to take care of David on our special day. I'd have it no other way. Love you Honeybuns!


Dick said...

Worst thing that ever happened to me was the Dairy Queen in Orem being closed down because of the widening of 8th North. That is almost as bad as Mom leaving me for two weeks because a grand baby was born and she needs to help baby the mother.

Going to Arctic Circle or Iceberg and having their equivalent of a Blizzard is like giving a horse a kiss instead of Mom. Yes, it's showing affection but it just isn't the same thing.


Tammy said...

mmmm....blizzards! Sounds so good! Happy anniversary. We are pushing six this august! Time goes by so fast

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