swimming lessons

I know it must seem like I've put up so many swimming shots lately, but really, that is what we've been doing. If we're not in a big pool, we're outside in the back yard in our little pool. Thats life for us right now! :P
Pouty Time. For some reason, when the parents are around, the kids seem to misbehave more. Normally she'll do just fine, but this one time that I stayed at the lesson, Kaylee decided not to participate a couple times.

Relaxing between exercises.

Kaylee loves her pool time. She hates to go home. I usually have to coax her into the car with a popcicle.

Kaylee kicking to Miss Amy. She had such a fun time in lessons.

Kaylee patiently waiting her turn. Miss Amy used a phrase quite a bit during lessons. "Girls, sit down!" It's gotta be hard to sit still when fun is right there in your lap!

Our next ideal move would be to a place that has a free community pool. It's too bad that the Meadows doesn't have something so nice.

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Tammy said...

the joy of swimming lessons! I wish I had more money to do them more often so that my kids learned to swim sooner, I hate worrying about the water!

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