backyard pool

Disclaimer: this blog will probably be posting many more pool shots, so if you're getting sick of it, don't visit until the end of the swimming season in AZ...which is basically October! See you then!
Cade was able to fill up the pool by himself. Usually Kaylee takes that role. Luckily we got away before Kaylee knew what we were up to. We filled the pool and put on a small sprinkler, then called her to come and have some fun. She was happy to join us.Kaylee got relaxed quite a few times outside.Filling up the pool really makes you thirsty. But thirsty enough to drink Maricopa water?
Kaylee relaxing. Wahoo! Way too much fun with a small pool and sprinkler!Lazy summer days. They enjoyed running and jumping in the pool and splashing all around.

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