the dualies

Kelly and I set out for some fun twin pictures. It was right after cooking group. This first photo is right out Leslie's house....thanks to her neighbor for having some long grass! It was perfect!I don't look very pregnant in this shot. Cropping really takes off pounds!Another favorite shot in the grass with Kelly. Next to the Taco Shop. A cool texture on the old building next door.
We heart shoes. A LOT!
This is a favorite shot. I'm actually wearing regular pants here, just not zipped or buttoned up. tee hee hee!Kelly got some great shots.Now you can see my belly! That was a fun time! Let's do it again when I'm not so big!


Sarah said...

Hi Shannon! Maeser Hall neighbor Sarah (Bainbridge) Smith here. Long time no see! I got your blog address from Emily Alley & love all your great pictures on here. You have such a beautiful family!!! Sometime please do tell me how you created those scrapbook pages... are they digital? Anyway, feel free to take a peak at my silly blog: http://sardankaemei.blogspot.com/. Have a great day! ~Sarah

Kaylee said...

Wow these look awesome! I love your cute belly shots and the ones of you guys in the grass!

Tammy said...

cute pictures! Who took all the shots? Kelly? She is really talented

Graves Family said...

i just love the ones with you holing your tummy. and you and your sister look like models.

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