new do

kinda a funny story....kinda sad.
So yesterday we did a haircut-a-thon. Cade first, then Kaylee, and then I figured it would be good to take some of the length off of Conner's hair. His bangs were hanging into his eyes. So I'm doing really well and got up to his bangs. He feels the clippers on his forehead and leans his head forward which takes off twice as much as I was planning. Well....turns out his hair cut was a perfect mullet! At first I thought we could make it work, but then David started calling Conner by his new name, Connie. Oh well...I guess we'll have to cut it all to the shorter length. So here is our new do. A bit shorter, but that means he won't need it cut for a long time. I still need to do some tapering in the back, but at least he looks more like a little boy now...not a girl! :) I miss his longer locks, but they'll return. I wish I would have take a photo of Connie before we got rid of her!

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ckm said...

Awe ... looks like you need a vacuum cutter ;o)

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