while I was getting ready this morning, Conner decided to make himself some toast.  He helped himself to more than his share of the cinnamon and sugar.  He had a bit of a sugar high.

are all kids like this, or just mine?  little mischief makers...to the max.

conner saw me blow off my lens after a few of his 'whiskers' fell onto my camera.  he decided to help me keep them off and blew them off as I shot.

looking like a man with real scruff.  how does it feel?

it reminds me of when my dad would have a scratchy face and would take me and rub his whiskers all over my face.  good times.

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Em said...

love this! he is such a little man now...beard and all! yum. we love cinnamon toast at our house too, and recently cinnamon quesadillas

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