after a rough Friday, it was nice to SLEEP IN today.  thanks honey.

I had a wedding to shoot last night.  Really excited about the photos.  Can't wait to share some on my photography blog.

We played at a couple parks today to give the kids some fresh air, and give daddy a break...at least that is what we planned.

conner pooed his pants after 1/2 an hour at the park, so he and Daddy spent the rest of the time in the van while I took care of some baseball photography and Kaylee and Cade watched alongside me.

After the game, we went to play in the park until it was time to go.  Daddy and Conner were 'enjoying' a movie in the van...

got this sweet shot of kaylee.  love her eyes without those dang glasses.  such pretty eyes.  pretty princess eyes.

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Em said...

what a sweet picture! eden loves it

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