thanks brooke...i'm addicted

I love John Schmidt. David loves him even more! David and I have been to many of his concerts...one of our favorite concerts was this past Christmas in Mesa. He has teamed up with a chellist. It was a great evening, just AMAZING, HILARIOUS and BEAUTIFU. If you have a chance to see him in concert...take it!
One song during their christmas concert was the classical song Cannon.....the chellist starts playing....then slowing begins goofing off.....slouching in a bored stance....moving the chello instead of the bow....just about falls asleep.....truly funny....the chello has the SAME 8 NOTES the whole time. Pacabell truly must have hated chellists!
My sister n law Brooke posted this on her blog and it's been playing on my puter all day...through all my projects today. I'm gonna sing myself horase! nay!


Robyn said...

Jon Schmidt and the cellist (Steve Nelson) went to my high school. Does that make me cool too? The piece is SO beautiful!

Em said...

oh! sweet pictures shannon. so fun to see. and i love that music. sara told me about it and it's just fantastic. hope you're having a blast in CO!

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