last 'whoop te doo'

our last swim at the pool...until next year!

Who wouldn't just wanna kiss this cute face!?

Kaylee took off her water wings after a while and was excited that she could stand on the bottom of the pool. She had fun hanging onto David and Me while we swam her around the pool...nice to have her feel more independent and comfortable in the pool.

Conner was really enjoyed watching everything around him...a lot of fun splashing.
loved this shot of David and Conner



ckm said...

What? The pool is closing? That is crazy ... doesn't AZ stay hot for another, what, 3 months? Awesome photos!

Shannon said...

the pool isn't closing, but we're gonna put away the swimming stuff....maybe! We've actually been to a splash pad in our bathing suits in early November down here once!

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