fall in az

remember this from a few years ago in a past Arizona Fall?  that was November.  We still have a month of 'splash pad' weather.

well, we had a fun time going to another splash pad with cousins.  they enjoyed running around and getting all wet.  It still doesn't seem to fit in my mind.  

Halloween and a visit to a splash pad in a bathing suit in the same month?

I remember freezing my keester off when I was younger and going trick or treating.  Freezing rain and all that fun stuff.  

cousin lynnea and kaisa


cade didn't get too excited about getting wet...he was pretty interested in the other play areas that didn't have water.

conner: the last air bender...controller of the elements.

conner was a mooch and got goldfish from this family sitting across from us.  he didn't want to let them go, even when they got soggy.

cousin luke.

beautiful lynnea.

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