three of a kind

back in 1985 Kelly and I cut our hair.  this was right before a big family vacation.  quite a surprise to our mom.  

I remember quite vividly when we were finished with the cut, that we hid the hair in our doll house while mom came up the driveway after getting the mail.

during our vacation, a lady came up to my mom and asked if our cut was a new style.  ;)

25 years later, yup....we still cut our own hair.  but much more responsibly.

last week, a true 'Price' shown through in our niece Brooklyn.

she cut 6-8 inches off....EVERYWHERE!  She actually did quite a good job in back...it was very even and looks almost like a true haircut...gone somewhat wrong.  (the bangs though...just like the infamous 1985 style..must be coming back again).

oh yeah.  I only hope Kaylee doesn't get this idea.  ever. ;)

my sister wrote what happened at church:

At church today:

Many People:   Who cut your hair Brooklynn?
Brooklynn: My mom.

You should have heard the laughs when she would say that.   :)   

(it was kinda true, because my sister DID cut a bit of hair....just to clean up the edges that she could!)

hugs and kisses Brooklyn!  Auntie Shannon and Auntie Kelly are proud of you! 

tee hee hee.


Robyn said...

I'm laughing really hard right now :)

kelly anderson said...

i love my bLooklynn!

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