I absolutely LOVE taking pictures, but really really love it when WE are being shot!  I never get to be in many photographs, let alone, nice looking ones that are somewhat planned.  Once a year I get this treat, and it went along very smoothly....with only minor whines.  A new buddy photographer and new friend Dawniele took our group photos!  I'm in love!

...and hoping to get some christmas cards not only ordered like last year, but SENT OUT, unlike last year!

 if you want to see more, take a look over at my photography blog...there's a slew of em over there!

this is us! 2010

Cade: almost 5, Shannon newly 30, Kaylee 6 1/2, David...a thirty-something ;), and Conner 2 1/2


Kaylee said...

Soooo cute! Shannon, you look AMAZING!

Britt said...

Suuuper cute! Love it!

kelly anderson said...

i yub dis.

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