our own village


we waz baking up a storm today.  Grandma and Grandpa Price are here for a Christmas visit!

Grandma helped me cook, and Grandpa helped keep the little ones occupied as we made a mess of the kitchen.

While Kaylee was at school, we made a wide variety of goodies (and still more to make!).

After school, we got to decorate some fun 'graham cracker gingerbread houses' (did you know they make gingerbread graham crackers!?)

have all sorts of funny little things lurking around our little 'village'

reindeer droppings....

Santa stuck in a chimney...

we've got an Amish snowman...wasn't quite aiming for that look...but it happened.

a nice spread of houses...7 to be exact....and 2 'floaters' just docked on the outskirts of town which will be towed over to teachers tomorrow....hopefully in one piece (and not taken a bite out of). ;)

"Throw Papa down the stairs his hat." -just a bit o' Amish Pennsylvania wordin' I overheard to mama snowman say to her son as he fetched his Papa's hat.

where is santa?

our village, with the two island dwellers on the outskirts of town soon to be hauled away to unsuspecting teachers!

all this gingerbread house making was had during Conner's nap time.  

thus, his excitement that evening when we brought the houses out for everyone to see.

yup. way too much fun.

houses made of food!  GENIUS!

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