crazy hair day

kaylee gave me a nice opportunity to be creative at 6:30 this morning.

it's spirit week at school...and today is 'crazy hair day'.  i thought since it was christmas time, it would be fun to do a 'Who' inspired hairstyle.  Cindy Lou Who...who was no more than two (plus four).

her eyes kept getting larger and larger as the creation kept evolving.

i give you: 

Kaylee Lou Who...who is no more than two (plus four).

we call these twinkle berries.

 she was so proud of her hair.  she even was careful when brushing her teeth...needed me to help her get a drink from the faucet.  

too fun.  I guess this is one great reason to have a girl!  but, I do have one idea for Cade next year for crazy hair day...but not sure if Daddy will fly with it.

have a happy grinchy inspired christmas

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