it's the new brown

one funny moment I wanna share from the reunion.
Kelly was up late one night cutting Cara's (another sister of mine) hair. Cara decided to be gutsy and cut her hair from a longer length to the same one that Kelly and I have. Cara then said this was the most she would do, no 'black' in her hair like Kelly.
Kelly pipes in, "I don't have black hair, it's dark brown. I'll show you what black looks like!" She goes and gets a color swatch of black, brings it out and puts it up against her hair to prove her point.
same color!
What a laugh we had! I knew Kelly's hair was pretty dark....almost black, but yeah, the swatch didn't lie. Her color is only 1 shade from mine...I guess coloring it more often will make it darker and possibly darker than the intended color.
Kelly's black is the new brown


theriddle said...

I miss you price girls!

ckm said...

What a riot! I didn't realize that Cara got her hair cut as well. What a picture that would have been with all of us. Dualies x 2 or would that be 4? I hope someone got pictures. I want to see some!

Kelly Anderson said...


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