2 weeks down.

two weeks since school started.  the kids are loving school, teachers,and lunch.

i'm loving it too!  just need Conner to hurry and get to kindergarten...but 2 years until that point. 

conner had his first day of school today too....articulation class (right now the class size is 2....most they will take in the class is 4).  they meet once a week for 45 minutes.  BARELY got my grocery shopping done before it was too late.  this is gonna be rough!  missing my free time during the regular preschool from the past.

kaylee has a new loose tooth too!

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kelly anderson said...

silly pic.

you know, you can always take a "power nap" for 45 min, but i call it a "grumpy nap"... we need our 3 hour naps.

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