first day of school!!!!

two down!  one to go!!!!!!

so, this is 2 weeks late.  school started August 8th over here in the land of the permanent heat wave....thus started the exciting bike trip each morning and afternoon ending with sweat drenched clothes and drippy drop beaded mustaches.  ewwww.

Kaylee has Mrs. Guggisberg...a sweet wonderful teacher (had her last year...I'll explain below).  Mrs. Guggisberg (with a touch of an eastern accent) reminds me of my wonderful Aunt Louise (who taught for about 30 years in 1st grade and has a 'chi-town' accent).  Very calm understanding teacher that helped put my and David's worries at ease.  So excited to have her again!

Cade has Ms. Miles.  I have a friend whose son had her in Kindergarten and loved her.  She is a more seasoned teacher and I know Cade will really enjoy Kindergarten.  He's been coming home (two weeks now), after a long day at school, and biking all the way home (or scooting) with sweat dripping off him, with a SMILE!

he even loves doing his homework....for the most part. :)

Kaylee and Cade: the school goers.  (look close and you can see the beaded sweat mustaches)  that was one hot muggy day for school to start!  AND I carried conner to school on my shoulders.  nothing like cuddling up on a nice steamy morning!!!

ok, see Kaylee's shirt?  It's her THIRD year wearing it!  Yup.  That is the nice thing about having a kid who grows SLOW.  She still has Cade by about an inch, but that will soon be a losing race.  They both wear the same size clothes AND shoes.

saying goodbye to the last one home:

while at the store getting school supplies, a lady behind us asked Kaylee in an upbeat happy voice, "You getting ready for school!?  What grade are you going to be in!?"

Kaylee very enthusiastically replied:  "I'm going to be in first grade again!"

the sweet innocence and joy she has makes me jealous.

She's excited to be her teachers 'helper'.  She even got to choose where she was going to sit!

absolutely love conners little snuggle smile!


Rachael said...

Jacob is in first grade again too!!! He shares the same enthusiasm! I love it! Great pictures. I can't believe how tall Kade is.

Em said...

love these of the kids together!

Graves Family said...

they are all so big! I think Conner was the biggest shocker.

jennaloha said...

So does Kade like Mrs. Miles? MES has such good teachers.

Shannon said...

He's hard headed...likes school...then doesn't, but she seems to be good for him, sits in the thinking chair sometimes. Ms. Miles...definitely teaching what needs to be taught (unlike Kaylee's kindergarten year)...but I think she has it out for Kaylee. Apparently Kaylee is a bully to him...so I have some reservations with that.

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