chores wonderful chores!

introducing job charts, allowance.....and consequences for not doing our jobs.



$1 a week.  any chore refused or undone, results in -5 moneys (aka 5 cents)  (IMO: much better to give them a certain amount, and take it away slowly, than to 'build' the amount up...due to constant questions "how much do I have?" or "how much more do I need to get __________?" or "How much more work until I've earned $$$$?"  it's simple and clean cut.

they are to help with trash duty, dishes (emptying the dishwasher), folding and putting away their own laundry, making their own beds, cleaning their rooms, homework, etc...and Saturday...oh Saturday!...opens up a whole list of possibilities of what mommy needs help on!!!!! :) 

they have been happily completing their own work.

Kaylee is working on earning for a doll...which she reminds me of at least once a day.  but I need to remind her not to talk about it.  so she talks about not talking about the doll she wants.  you know, but I shouldn't be talking about it either.

cade helps to fold my famous stash of white washcloths.

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Em said...

I can just smell your laundry! Sweet Cade...

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