happy mommys day from cade

These are the prints
You've often seen before,
On the kitchen wall
And the bathroom door,
Those you quickly washed away,
These you'll save for a future day,
For they will remind you
When I'm big and tall
That once I was little
And my hands were small
Happy Mother's Day Mommy, I love you! Cade made this during Nursery today. He also made me a cute necklace made out of fruit loops....it even matched my dress!
I love this quote about finger prints. A while back in the magazine Family Fun there was a quote about enjoying the fingerprints on your windows while you still can. Someday they will be gone. I've taken that to heart and only wash our french door windows once a month instead of whenever I saw a print or two. That's been a nice reminder to me that these kids won't be small for much longer!

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