mothers day card from david

David got me such a wonderful card for Mothers Day. He said it was PERFECT for what he wanted to say!

"She's a kind and loving mother,
the joy of my life.
She's the woman of my dreams,
my closest friend, my wife."

2nd page
I'm not alwasy good
about telling you
how much I appreicate you
or how much I love you,
but I hope you know
how much I do.
And I hope you know how proud I am
that you're my wife...
my beautiful, caring wife.

Happy Mother's Day
With All My Love

(and then some handwritten mushy stuff)
I also got an awesome homemade Mothers Day Gift Certificate....that rocks! I can't wait to use it.


Sheena said...

Those flowers are BEAUTIFUL!!

Shannon said...

yeah, I got that picture just as an accent for the post. I didn't get any flowers...but I can sure pick em, can't I!

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