fun with bubbles at tony and alishas

We went to see Tony and Alisha after church today. I saw Alisha at church but she didn't get a mothers day candy bar so I brought her one. I asked if they wanted some company for a little while, so we all came in to have a chat and the kids were in for some fun! Alicia brought out the bubbles and the kids went to town.

These bubbles were the ones from Gymboree...the ones with a sugar base and they last FOREVER. Even after being there an hour there were still bubbles all over on the floor. They also seemed to just float in the air. It was so neat! I'm gonna have to go and get some of these. Much funner than the normal bubbles you buy at the store.

After telling them that the bubbles were 'sugar bubbles' they tried eating them. Tasty? I'm not sure.

Popping the bubbles on the table with their little 'fangers'

I put Cade to work cleaning up any bubble residue left on the tile. He's such a great helper.

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Dick and Fran Price said...

We really like the snapshot of Cade with the bubbles, and he is a great little helper.

jennaloha said...

Cute post and great pictures, Shannon.

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