Those that have seen me pregnant before know that I show almost INSTANTLY and seemingly FOREVER. This time is no different. By the time I was 5 months I looks just about ready to pop to most people. I'd be asked...."any day now?" and I'd say....nope....about 4 months left. Then that question...."are there two in there?" ...........no. A friend at church asked me when I was due last month and I said 2 weeks. She believed it....until I told her I was joking.

I get complimented that my pregnant belly is so cute....and I think it is...I don't seem to share any of myself with the baby...it's all out front. But it's so darn uncomfortable. I have an extra appendage sticking out and it's right above my center of gravity. That cuteness takes it toll on me. I'm getting slower and slower every day...and I have 2 months left. I'll be down to a crawl by the end.

Our little mister also has enjoyed his own personal trampoline on my poor bladder. It'll be nice when he finally turns and is head down. I swear too, that he's taking more than his part of my energy. He's a little energy hog....I just get the leftovers. That's ok. I love my naps when I can get them.
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Kelly Anderson said...


Sheena said...

OMGOODNESS Shannon you seriously can bring the kids over for naps times if they wont sleep I can TOTALLY be of service bc I don't need them I just have nothing else to do sometimes so please please let me watch them for a little bit.

How was your nap today? Thanks for watching Logan for a couple of hours. Want to hang out in the morning?! I will call you! Love you Shannon!!!!

Sheena said...

And yes you are the cutest pregnant woman EVER!! But I can see after being ready to POP for so long how you could start crawling on the floor...you crack me up!

Angee said...

I think you're adorable! The shirt is funny too! You're already half way done so it'll go by fast (hopefully!).

Tammy said...

Oh the joys of being pregnant. The things we do for our kids. Men will never understand will they? I love taking naps when I am pregnant. I needed them like every day. I don't know how I am going to do that if I get more kids! Yikes.

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