meet my new little friend

After going through a couple vacuums and having parts break on me I decided it was time for a change. I've been researching and contemplating which vacuum would be the best for me. The Dyson seemed to be the best option.

We tried ebay for a bit, but never seemed to win any bidding wars and decided to try Amazon. I watched the price for a while on a few different models...they went cheaper and then rose in price.

I fought back and forth which Dyson model would work best. It came down to attachments and some features that let me to the Dyson DC17 Animal. It's made for homes with animals...but aren't kids close enough?

We got it from Amazon...refurbished...and it arrived today! I took it for a little stroll around the house to help orientate it with it's new home.

I'm pretty excited to have a high quality vacuum finally.


Angee said...

Holy Cow I love my Dyson! It really is the best vacuum ever! I would never be able to lug it up and down stairs but luckily we don't have that problem! I hope David enjoys it because he'll be the one using it for the next little while when you're not supposed to be doing much! Robby loves ours and we often fight over who gets to vacuum. :)

Dick and Fran Price said...

Congratulations...you finally found a vacuum cleaner you can love. It was very kind of you to take it for a walk around the house so it will be comfortable working in its new home.

Having a new vacuum cleaner is a big event for the family.

Does it have a nickname? Dyson sounds so formal.

Our old Hoover has seen better days; it lives in the basement with the cat litter.

Grandma and Grandpa

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