i'm a sleeper, she's a princess

So David has been gone since early last Sunday on a business trip. When he leaves I don't get the best sleep. I'm a light sleeper as it is and it's hard to get comfy for some reason without him there.

Kaylee has gotten into the habit recenlty...and this week too...of coming into our room and climbing up onto our bed to 'wake us up'. This never makes me very happy. I cherish my sleep time.

This week Kaylee came and 'visited' me a few times in the early morning. This morning was the earliest.... 2:30am! I was fast asleep and suddenly I felt the bed shake a bit. I looked over and saw Kaylee climb onto our tall (3 foot high) bed and lay down on David's pillow and pull the covers up.

I thought that I would just let her fall asleep and then carry her back to her room. After a while, she fell asleep and I decided I was too tired. I just laid as still as I could. When I moved it seemed to wake her up a bit.

It was interesting. During the night she might snore a bit, or start to cry and suddenly giggle. She's a silly one to watch sleep...and noisy.

David gets home tonight. Hopefully these early morning visits will stop.

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