first word!

Kaylee took advantage of a video that cousin Lynnea brought that helped speed up Kaylee's learning of the alphabet. Today on the way to school we stopped at a stop sign and she said 'stop'. She usually does since she's been taught that 'red means stop' and 'green means go'.

I decided to take it a step further and asked her to tell me the letters she saw. She said.....'s.....t....o.....p'. I told her 'yes, that's how you spell STOP!' I gave her a high five and we continued on. A minute later I decided to quiz her on the word she spelled by reading the letters. I asked her to spell STOP without seeing it. "S...T....O....P," she said! YEAH!

When we got home after school we called a few family members and shared Kaylee's new word. Her very first word she spelled on her own! Yippee!

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