camping with daddy....daytime

The Aaronic Priesthood campout was this weekend. David took Kaylee and had a great time. It was in the Tucson area on Mount Lemmon. It was nice and cool in the evening...even got a bit too chilly for David....now that's cold! I can't wait to go camping too! Lets go next week! Anyone wanna go? :)

Kaylee on the 'big rock'

Kaylee perched on top of a log....
David and Kaylee on a little hike. Kaylee enjoying her little flashlight....notice the princesses!
Daddy and Daughter on a rock.
We're going on a bear hunt!........someone in the past made this little structure. Kaylee had some fun exploring.
grrrrr......where's the bear?

remember....don't feed the bears or they'll follow you home!


jennaloha said...

You got rid of both kids? How'd you talk David into that? My arguments didn't fly. I bet you enjoyed the break.

Shannon said...

no, actually Cade stayed home with me. That would have been a nice thing, but I know that David would have it that way....maybe next year!?

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