april 4

They slept in until 7:30!!! Kaylee was dry too! Another day with her princesses. I was on the hunt for some Easter things and came across some more princesses
...Chore day. Jaley deep cleaned her room. Jenna and Kerst cleaned their rooms as well. John changed the hinge on the closet door in our bedroom. It felt like a pretty productive day!
No accidents! Poopies in the potty. I think we've got it down! I'm glad I have had a couple of weeks not needing to go anywhere during the week or the weekend to make sure the boys can do it successfully. Last Sunday John kept them home because they were recovering from their cold. This Sunday is General Conference. So hopefully after 2 weekends, they will be ready next Sunday for being clothed entirely and ready to go to church in underwear (or maybe a pull up - I do have a stash. I just don't want to confuse them). They have been running around the house in a long sleeved shirt and undies the last 2 weeks (Kendall was in a dress today playing princesses with Kaylee).
We were expecting 16 inches of snowmen. We have only had a dusting so far. Maybe tomorrow morning we will wake up to a thick blanket of snow.
Conner is getting faster. It has been quite some time since I have had a mobile human vacuum in the house. Julia was my kiddo that would put things in her mouth. The binky usually prevented her from putting in something she shouldn't. Conner's fine motor skills are getting pretty good. I have to keep my real vacuum handy to keep the carpet clean.
Kaylee has been doing such a great job at keeping her glasses on. When she takes them off I can tell that her left eye becomes lazy. (only lazy part on that girl!) She has another appointment with the eye doctor next month. Hopefully she has made some improvement in her vision.
Kaylee is excited to be dry tomorrow to play with her new princess friends. I talked to Cade about being dry. I told him I had something special for him too. He had a sheepish grin on his face. He had already peed in his diaper. I changed it and told him it had to be dry in the morning. He even let me take his sippy cup away. I am amazed at how well he understands and can reason with me. (much different than with Kaylee. I noticed that early on with Cade, he was able to listen to what I asked him to do, and he'd do it, at an early age, even today, Cade can follow my finger pointing to an object, but Kaylee still can't seem to follow my pointing an object out) I hope Kendall will move into that developmental stage soon ...
I had all 3 kids (Kaylee, Kendall and Cade) climbing on me and giving me hugs and kisses tonight. I loved it! Cade and Kendall are very cuddly. Kaylee is affectionate on her own terms. It was fun! Soak that in for me and send me some!

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