april 3

Cade was dry! Kendall was dry but let loose just before I took off his diaper.
Pancakes and eggs. I have given Kaylee repeated/common daily events that will inform her of when we will have snacks.
Breakfast when they wake up. A snack after Kerst goes to school. He leaves around 9:00.
Lunch just after 11:00 for 12:00 and 12:30 naps.
When Jenna comes home (3:30) is the next snack time.
Dinner at 5:30 (planned time ... sometimes it happens a little later depending on the evening and happenings).
Kaylee is still trying to grasp those times for snacks. If we'd let her, she'd be eating all day! At least it's the healthy stuff!
We are still working with Kaylee on not stealing and being honest. She snuck food again and also went into Jenna's room. She sat on time out for awhile (although she was ready to talk as we were walking to time out). Tonight after she had another learning moment of honesty, I sat next to her and asked her if it was ok if I stole her princesses. You should have seen the look of shock on her face. Hopefully that will click with her. This is such an important concept to learn and to assimilate into who she is. She knows it is wrong because she is hiding the contraband.
uh oh...here come the great 5 year old moments...when they really start to deal with telling the truth. Kaylee, you're not 5 yet, you can't start that yet....well, less than 3 months anyway.
Cade and Kendall woke up dry from their naps!
Cade had tons of "fake" snowmen snow cones from the snowcone/slushie maker this afternoon when the kids came home from school. In fact, he had too many. Several accidents occurred after. I sat with him in the bathroom and had him empty his bladder. It took quite some time. I even showed him with the water in the sink by turning it on and off quickly and then to let it stream for longer. I told him we needed to pee longer. He's got the "Stop that pee!" game down well - and I don't want him to do it! I wonder if he has been conditioned to pee a little at a time because of the candy. I took the candy away tonight. Kendall was the last hold out on potty training and I think he's got it. He doesn't even desire the candy. Now to get Cade to empty his bladder completely so he can go longer between potty breaks. I know he can hold it because of our outing yesterday.
Kendall has labeled his deposits in the toilet according to size. Cade caught on. Today Cade proudly came in and told me that he did a "Daddy poop". Sure enough ... He is so cute!
THAT WAS SUCH A CUTE CUTE thing to read!
Conner took an awesome 4 hour nap today! He was up for an hour or so and then went back down for another hour. He must be growing (or I am wearing him out!). He is now a moving target to get dressed. For some reason he thinks he rules the floor. He is also my human vacuum. I am always scouting out the area before I put him down. His bum is slowly getting better. It just dawned on me that he is probably having issues due to the antibiotics he was on 2 weeks ago.
Jenna's bday. happy birthday jenna!
Her friend, Becca, came over and decorated her room (and cleaned it up) before she got home from school! She is such a sweet heart! Jenna and Becca went to the mall and had some fun with Jaley and Julia. Home for Chinese Food. Opened gifts (wrapped in shopping bags - trying to be earth friendly ;o) and save time at the same time!). They are headed off to watch a movie. Maybe we will do the cake tomorrow or later.

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