april 2

Conner was the only one who woke up wet today! Now I've got to work on him ;o)I got a call mid morning about the costumes from AIDA. The school we rented them from is going to Spring Break tomorrow. Our school is hosting a music festival next Tuesday and we need to clean out the music room of all of the costumes. I have a van ...So, I loaded the kids up AND all of the costumes without any room to spare and made the 1 1/2 hour drive to return the costumes. I thought it would be a good test for Cade's bladder. I brought the potty seat.He made it there dry! I had both boys pee in the portable potty before leaving and they arrived home dry as well! Kendall pooped on the potty when we got home! I was so thrilled!

The kids had fun video chatting with Shannon and their friend "Ogan" (Logan).No naps today; the kids snoozed in the car.It was beautiful outside. I sent the boys outside in their long sleeved shirt and undies. They smuggled Kaylee's princesses outside and had a ball "playing" with them.Tubbies - I am hoping it might be the trick for getting the kids to be dry in the morning. Relaxing. I put Kendall back on the potty and he did more poopies! I couldnt believe how much he has been storing. He named them. Daddy, Mommy, Daeia, Jenna, Jaley, Kerst and baby. That might be the trick. "Can you do a Daddy poopy?"

Conner got up on all fours tonight and started crawling while we were on the phone with Shannon doing the bedtime routine. He also went from his tummy to sitting as well! I finished tucking the kids in bed and brought Conner down to perform his new trick for him Mom and Dad on the web cam. He did it a little. He was tired.

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