april 1

No fooling ... I wish they were ... Kaylee and Cade were up at 5:45 a.m.! Let's see, that would be 4:45 in AZ.

Our "preschool" aerobics/gym program consisted of running around the kitchen, stairwell to the upstairs around the furniture in the family room and in that process jumping over my legs. Kaylee is a pro. She can jump over both of my legs raised about 1 foot off the ground. Cade can clear one leg at the same height. Kendall would have to take his "jump" with my foot on the ground. Once again, amazing to see their developmental differences.

Kendall was dry again this morning and at nap time. Cade was a little wet for both. Not bad! Kaylee ... I swear I didn't give her a big gulp before bed. I am going to have to figure out how to get her to really empty her bladder before bed. I think she is like Cade and doesn't completely empty her bladder. I have been trying to do the "peeing exercise" with her that Mom had us do when we were younger. We are calling it "STOP THAT PEE!" She is to pee a little, STOP THAT PEE, count 1 princess, 2 princess, 3 princess, 4 princess and pee a little more and then count again and repeat until the bladder is empty. I have a candy bracelet hanging from the mirror for her to have if she is able to do it. It is still hanging there after 2 days. I modeled how to do it today. It is hard to do!

Cade is doing amazing with potty training. One pee accident today - he probably wasn't sure what to do when he had to go to the bathroom and was upstairs. He pooped 3 times today - so 4 motorcycles. The boys both start out with a motorcycle and then get another one if they are dry at night, dry during nap, or do poopies. Kendall didn't do so well in the poopies department. I have to say he looks really cute with his Cars undies under his Dora panties. Blackmail .... wedding video ... oh boy!

My Visiting Teaching companion called today and told me she was going to bring me dinner tonight along with another lady. I told her that was very thoughtful, but that we were doing well. She said she wanted to do it anyway. It was so thoughtful ...

Snowmen are falling - Cade was so excited! He showed his mom on the phone the snow that was falling. I was able to show Shannon him holding the phone up to the window on the web cam. They cancelled mutual at church. Snowmen snow cones tomorrow! We are to get a doozy of a snowfall this weekend!

We were able to talk to Shannon on the webcam for quite some time. She saw Cade's wardrobe malfunction with his undies, witnessed Cade coming to inform us that he did poopies in the potty for the 3rd time today, Kaylee sing and just be her normal entertaining self, and Conner scoot around and show his cleavage. I am looking forward to her coming out to trim my hair and Kaylee's as well...

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