march 31

Continuing Potty Training (for Kendall for the most part) - Cade did have a small bubbles accident; that will happen. I am trying to figure out what would motivate Kendall to go to the potty on his own. He just can hold it for a long time and I have to make him go potty every 4 hours or so. Candy is not a motivator. He woke up dry again from the night time and again with his nap. Cade woke up dry from his nap.
Kendall loves Cars (the movie) and Dora. I took Julia to her eye appointment this afternoon and brought Kendall with (in his undies!). We went to the baby/toddler section and picked out some more undies for him. Cars and Dora. Cars underwear and yes, Dora panties. This just might be the motivator...
I found my leapster game (Letter Factory) with our Leapster for Kaylee to use. Kerst had just turned 4 and received this for his birthday. He had all of his letters and sounds down in a matter of 2 weeks (I had been working with him, but this put him over and he learned it quickly!) She has enjoyed "playing" it. I had to put the harder games up high as they are too frustrating for her.
Conner is chugging 6 oz now! He is back! The size 5 diaper at night isn't holding everything either ... He is still enjoying Baby Einstein while I work on different tasks (potty training, etc...). Kendall loved these shows; still loves them.
More forts on the landing. Tons of playing with the motorcycles. Cade broke his beloved motorcycle yesterday, we can't live without them! I picked up a 5 pack at Wal-mart. Kaylee LOVES stuffed animals. She usually clings to Kendall's monkey he had in the NICU.
Kaylee snuck downstairs (unlocked the childproof lock) - she had to sit on time out. She is doing much better at not going in to places where she shouldn't go. She is learning all about consequences. She knows the routine of getting off of time out. I will go up to her and ask her why she is sitting there. In the beginning she would say, "I don't know." I would then tell her that she needs to think about it and I will be back to talk again in a couple of minutes. She will then tell me why she is there and what will happen if she does it again. We hug and give loves. When I put her on time out now she immeditely says "I'm ready to talk." She's a smart one! I'm working with Kaylee about being honest with her as well. She has hit the sneaky stage. She will sneak something from the kitchen (food), from a room, from the boys and I will find her hiding it on her person. She does NOT have a good poker face. We are talking about choosing the right. It is an important time for her to learn this. I had the same problem with Jenna (even more sneaky - she had a poker face) and also with Kerst. It is amazing to see the different learning stages in all of the kids - I have them in all stages in the house at the moment! Our house would be a great place for a Child Development Student to come and visit and get ALL of their observations done in one shot. I have all ages and all developmental stages! Kaylee is learning honesty and consequences (good and bad), Cade is learning all about bribes and I am able to reason with him. Kendall mimicks - and likes some competition (My Conner, My potty - love that one, and My Cade). Conner just lights up whenever someone walks in to the room. He is starting to show preferences to certain individuals as well - mainly when he is tired or hungry.
I had swim team carpool tonight. John worked on putting the kids down and also ran virus checks on all of the computers for the upcoming possible April 1st virus outbreak. Why do people start these computer viruses? Do they not have anything to do? If not, they can come help me finish potty training Kendall. That should be punishment enough for being bored and starting such things!

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