march 30

Up bright and early. Well, not really bright. It is still dark at 6:00.The kids are back to the same 'ole routine. School. Julia couldn't wait to go back. Guess we are too boring around here. I thought we stayed extremely busy last week during Spring Break. Well, maybe. Conner was recovering from RSV. Potty training Cade and Kendall. I wasn't about to leave the house! Jaley spent a day with her good friend, Grace. Grace came over and hung out for 2 days as well. Jenna's friend Becca was here for most of the break as well. They are both great girls and it was fun having them around.
I'd have to say I'd consider Cade pretty much potty trained. He tells ME when he has to go, I don't have to ask him at all! He even runs to the potty when he has to go poopies without needing to tell me. I am now working on having him pull up his underwear before leaving the bathroom and washing his hands. Baby steps. Next, He needs to increase the time between bathroom visits. I started out with 20 yellow candies (Skittles) in the dish this morning. They were gone by 12:30. Kendall had one - he usually runs off after going to the bathroom and forgets to ask for the candy. Kendall has a bladder of steel. He can hold it at least 8 hours. I don't like it when he waits that long because he has had a couple of accidents ... We are still working on the poopies for him. Bribes don't quite work with him either. He doesn't understand completely - 8 months difference in age sure makes a difference! I have to admit, I don't miss changing Cade's diaper. He's a fighter during diaper changes.
Now to get Kendall completely potty trained. I left Jenna and Julia with the kids while I ran around the corner to get Jaley from piano lessons. I came back and Kendall had an accident. At least the puddle was in front of the toilet! That is progress!!!
Conner is back to himself! My pediatrician was right. He would be better (and mostly over his cough) in 10 days. He is eating about 18 ounces at night. 6 ounces at 10:00 when I go to bed. 6 more at 2 and then another 6 at about 5. Sorry Shannon... I know when you sent him to me he was sleeping through the night (or almost). I don't know how to get him to not eat at night. He is STARVING! He eats plenty during the day too.
Kaylee had fun building forts, jumping off the steps into a pile of pillows blankets and stuffed animals, singing and chatting with her mom and dad on the web camera. It is fun to hear her sing. I can pick out a variety of songs (tunes). I know she is learning her Primary Songs I have been teaching her since she has been here because I can hear the tune ... but with different words. She is a walking musical. She prayed to be dry tonight so she could play with her princesses. I hope she is!!! Go Kaylee!

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