april 28

I had something typed up for today and waited to post it at the end of the day but one of my dear children logged me off...So cliff notes version ...Kaylee was stuck with watching Cars (the movie). Yep, she was wet. I guess I haven't figured her out. I do know this new incentive is working because she was "so sad, I be dry tomorrow, ok your Highness?" The princesses have been in her Sunday bag. She hasn't even asked about them. It was definitely time to change things up a bit. Cade and Kendall were able to pick the viewing options for the day. They were both dry! Cade brought me up Thumbelina to watch as a choice. Kaylee grabbed the movie. "My favorite movie." So we didn't watch it but watched Cars instead. Silly girl. She could have watched it on Cade's nickle - so to speak.
Conner's right ear was yucky crusty today. He must have had a doozy of an ear infection for that kind of drainage. The left ear drainage was worse if you ask me. The right ear drainage was more of the color of light custard.
Jaley's ear is bugging her as well. Hers is just a cold that has effected her ear. She was up quite a bit last night so I let her sleep in. I didn't see her until after 10:00 a.m. It was a rough night for her. She is my early riser out of my bunch.
Busy evening. Swim team run and Julia's final choir concert. To be 2 places at once ... Thankfully we can divide and conquer. It is rough when it falls right at bedtime for the Williams bunch.

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