april 29

My eyes and my ears couldn't believe what I was hearing and seeing. "I'm dry your Highness." "My dry too Highness." OK, my ears could believe it ... I kind of expect (and want) to hear that each morning, but not at 5:25 a.m.! Oh boy. We sent them back to their room until the sun came up. They weren't quiet either, but my kids still slept through it all. Conner woke up to the commotion, took 4 oz and went right back to bed until 8:30.
I wasn't ready to greet the day that early. I was up past 10:30 last night enjoying John's new HTPC set up in the basement. We watched an NCIS that he taped! It was really nice.
Pushed the kids out the door to go to school. How do I tell the girls that a cold is not a good enough excuse to stay home from school? Kiss ... love you ... see you after school .... have a good day. Explanation enough?
Conner's right ear had even more drainage today. I thought that would have ended by now. We are faithfully putting the drops in 2 times a day. He will see the doctor on Friday. He must have had a doozy of an infection to get all of this nasty drainage. He still has a cough - fighting the cold that Kerst, Kaylee, Kendall and Cade had 1 1/2 weeks ago. Kendall still has a cough. Now Jaley and Jenna seem to be getting a touch of the cold (but not as severe). I'm glad I've stayed clear. My hands are proof. Extremely dry from all of the hand washing. I am a firm believer in that. I need to install my industrial soap dispenser in the bathroom. Maybe that will help the little guys wash their hands more often. I try to stay on top of it, but sometimes they are too fast. They are getting very independent with going to the potty. It is WONDERFUL!
Cade went down for a nap first today. Kendall is having a ball with Kaylee outside. It is GORGEOUS! 75 degrees! I would love to bottle up this weather!Crazy afternoon. I had the 2nd year campers for girl's camp over after school to help assemble the 25 foil dinners for our cooking clinic tonight. We do the cooking clinic before camp because we don't know if we will be allowed to have fires in the mountains.
The foil dinner consisted of the pre-cooked frozen chicken fillet (Teriyaki flavor), tator tots, and carrots (I pre-cooked these until they were softer). This made cooking the dinner on the fire SO much faster! I left 3 at home for John and the kids. He said that Cade and Kaylee went crazy over it! I have to admit, they were amazing! I'm going to have to pick up that chicken again!
I was gone at 5:15 to this YW activity. Now I smell like camp fire.

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