april 15

Tax Day! I wonder if I can claim my extra friends this year ;o) just kidding!
Kids were all dry again! Even during naps! I am so proud of them!
Conner was up alot last night. I am really going to push the solids today. John is going to move his port-a-crib into our closet as well. Hopefully that will help. I need to get him on a better schedule for Shannon (and myself). Ever since he got sick he has had a horrible night routine.
Conner is getting SO fast! He looks like a sycronized swimmer as he moves across the floor. His legs and arms work so well together! I have been really good at making sure the doors are shut, but then I have little friends around that open them. The main door I worry about is the door to the basement. Yesterday I heard Conner whimpering and heading towards a cry. I located him at the head of the steps heading to the basement. He has depth perception! He didn't want to go down! I am glad. I just hope that he doesn't attempt to try to sit up while near some steps as he might turn the wrong way and tumble. good boy....I think being around steps is really helping him with his depth. cute little cry...i can imagine it.
It is fun to see him rotate himself in the sitting position.Kaylee, Cade and Kendall are cute little buddies. Kaylee likes to keep Kendall to herself though. She will shut Cade out of their play. I have to keep an eye on them and make sure he is included. He is my little buddy .... I hate to see him left out....yeah, he's my little buddy too....poor little guy, he's such a sweetie. Kaylee doesn't like it when Kendall and Cade chum it up. That girl!
Julia heads to Grand Junction for a choir contest. There is to be some weather ...

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