april 13 and 14

Sorry I haven't journaled. The kids did well when their parents left. Let's just say those at home did a great job distracting them during their departure from the house. Kaylee says several times a day that she misses her Mommy. It is sweet (and sad at the same time).
The kids have still been dry at night! I am SO proud of Kaylee, Cade and Kendall. Kendall was wet this morning, mainly because he was stuck in his crib for some time before I retrieved him.
The boys have been having fun playing in the tent. They are getting along so much better ... better and better each day! It is really cute! We do have our moments. Kaylee was super tired last night. She went to bed first. I had to shoo the boys out of the room so I could tuck her in. Kaylee say Kendall playing with Cade and became upset. "You are still my best friend, right Kendall?" Kaylee asked Kendall. "No. Cade," was his reply. Oh the tears from Kaylee. She was tired, but I also think he broke her heart for a moment. I told Kaylee that the boys don't completely understand what they are saying.
sad sad....sweet kaylee...it's ok!
Kaylee got a Sleeping Beauty and Prince for Easter (Polly Pocket style). Shannon glued on her clothing and shoes. Her extra clothing was on the counter. Kerst found it and was kind and gave it to her. Shannon was quick on her feet and told Kaylee that the clothing was for Sleeping Beauty's friends. Kaylee wanted her friends. I told Kaylee that she would need to put it on her Santa List.
you better watch out!....and better not cry!
Now we have daily converstations about Santa. When will he be here? What is he doing? I tell her that he can see her when she is sleeping and when she is awake. When she woke up this morning she told me that Santa saw her and that she was good and asked if she could have Sleeping Beauty's friends. I told her she had to wait and ask Santa. Time is such a tricky concept!
Conner pulled himself into a standing position on the first step. He was stuck and couldn't get down. Thankfully I was sitting on the steps watching him and assisted him to a sitting position. That kid! He needs 100% supervision! AND BOY IS HE FAST!
too cute
Busy in our life as well. I was helping Julia deal with her choir frustrations and disappointments.
sad to hear, rise from the frustrations. Go Julia!

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