april 8

Just a couple of memories ....
It was beautiful outside.
The kids played outside.
Cade ended up having 2 accidents. During the last clothing change, I came outside to find Kendall with his pants and undies down at his ankles. He said he had to go potty. I asked him if he went already. He didn't so I wisked him upstairs and he completed his business.
During Cade's 2nd accident change, I was going through the standard questions ... where do we go bubbles? Where do we go poopies? I then added another set. What do we do if we need to go potty and we are outside? Cade smiled at me and said, "Potty in the grass." Oh great! My neighbors are just going to love me! That was waaaaaay too funny! This reminds me of the story that David's mom told me. When David was about 6 or so, he and his other three brothers went outside on the curb by the street and had a 'peeing contest'. The neighbor called Debra and asked if she knew what her sons were doing. She had a good laugh. too silly! Cade sure is a clever dude.
After Cade said that, I was reminded of what John had told me a couple of days ago. He mentioned that he found the boys outside with their pants around their ankles. I guess they are figuring out their outdoor plumbing. silly kiddos~
The kids have all been dry in the morning and also at nap times! It has been wonderful!!!

still more journaling:

All were dry again! I think I found the magic trick. EMPTY BLADDERS BEFORE BED. DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING AFTER DINNER - KEEP DINNER DRINKS TO A MINIMUM. (FHE treats should be something to eat and not drink ie - root beer floats, snow cones, etc).
The boys have been wearing pants since yesterday. Cade would prefer to be in just undies; actually completely bare if you really want to know the truth. I have discovered that even though pants make an emergency run to the bathroom a little longer, it catches so much more if there is an accident. Cade had 2 accidents yesterday (one outside) and one today. What bubbles escaped the undies were caught in the pants. Thinking back, maybe I should have had them in pants earlier ... but the accidents weren't that many after a couple of days and most were on the wood floor. I need to figure out how to deal with undies in church. I might have to stop in and take them potty in between classes and just before sacrament meeting. Kendall can make it with his bladder of steel; I'm not so sure about Cade. Now I will need to make sure I pack extra clothing.
Cade is going longer between bathroom bubble trips. Taking the candy away was a good move; he still asks if there is candy. Silly kid!
I told the boys it was time for a nap after they had been playing together for awhile after lunch. Kendall goes first now. I think he has figured that out. I picked up Kendall and started walking towards the bathroom for his bathroom pitstop. Kendall turns on my hip and reaches out to Cade and yells, "HELP, CADE!" They have been great playmates today! I gotta see this! Way too cute! These little guys reallyl look out for each other....it's like calling out for the bishop when you're taking the kid out into the hall when acting out.
The weather is GORGEOUS! Cade and Kaylee spent some time outside before I put Cade down for a nap. Cade discovered some water in our water fountain and decided to splash in it. His shirt got damp and he ended up pulling the neck down around his waist. He was quite a sight! one hadsome photo moment!
We had sweet and sour meatballs tonight. The kids actually liked it! Kaylee ate the meatballs with catsup.
I had to go to mutual for a girl's camp prep activity. John had the kids. It was still beautiful outside so he sent the kids to play until it was almost dark. They had a blast. I came home and found their clothing in the entry way. You could see where Kendall, Cade and Kaylee took off their pants. 3 steps later you found their undies ... another couple of steps their shirts. You'd think they were teenagers with that pattern of undressing! It was pretty cute! Easy clean up because I scooped up their clothing and threw them in the washing machine for a load for tomorrow. really cute imagery

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