april 10-12

Shannon arrived Friday morning for a weekend visit! The kids were SO excited to see her! Kaylee said she wanted her mommy to come and stay with us. Cade said no. I caught their reaction to Shannon walking up to the van on camera.
that was too cute! such a sweet surprise to see on their faces.

David arrived later that night.

Conner has picked up nursing again! I think holding him in the nursing position while feeding him has kept him familiar with the position. I haven't allowed him to feed himself a bottle. I have let him hold the bottle to pose for his Mommy and Daddy to show them what he can do, but I still hold him and the bottle. I was happy that he nursed so willingly...he only needed to be supplimented twice. wow!

Easter Egg hunt on Saturday Night.

Staying up late chatting.

Got a haircut!
Watching the kids with their Mommy and Daddy (and Cade still calls me Mommy too ... so sweet). Conner kisses his Mommy.

Shannon hooked up with Sis. Frances during church. It was so sweet! She sat with Shannon all 3 meetings. We had her over for dinner. It was kind of quick as we had to scoot out of the house at 5:00. David gave us 30 more minutes! We hope to get Shannon out here in 2 more weeks. It was a good therapudic trip for her. She was so happy. I was so thrilled to have her! I wish she lived closer. Like, right next door or even down the street --- there is a house for sale.
sounds good!

The kids were kept busy as they gave their goodbye hugs. The departure was swift out the door before the kids knew. When I got back home Cade was playing with his buddy Kendall and Kaylee and Kerst were playing princesses. It has been cute to see them interact.It was a nice weekend to spend with David and Shannon. Shannon needs these little trips. I think, actually I know, it helps the lonely times pass by quickly.
this past weekend was so amazing....like heaven. I've been missing the kids so much this week. give them kissessssssssss for me!

Take lots of naps Shannon! The time will go by faster! (and take some naps for me!)

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